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356,000+ People in the US Die Annually 

From Sudden Cardiac Arrest

    • 23,000 of those are children under 10 years of age
    • 90% of out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrests are fatal
    • 10% Survival Rate Decreases for every minute that passes without care
    • Survival rates increase by 7x the national average when AEDs are properly maintained
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AED Program Management

This is the most important item you can buy for your new AED. Regulations for AED programs require CPR & AED training, record keeping, AED maintenance, and medical direction. As the AED program administrator for your “Event Ready” AED program, Miami First Aid Training will provide your organization with CPR Training.  A Miami First Aid account representative will maintain accurate record keeping, log all AED maintenance services, advise when AHA guideline changes occur and provide weekly, monthly, or quarterly visits to your location and ensure the AED is receiving the attention it requires and is always in a state of “Event Ready”! No two Onsite AED Service agreements are ever the same because at Miami First Aid, we are always trying to “Exceed your Expectations”! We customize every service plan to meet the customer’s needs and desires. Our goal is to provide an AED program that is 100% hands-off for anyone in your organization. We will build a heart-safe community and develop a training plan that ensures that your team will be ready to react in case of an emergency. From start to finish everything is handled by experts in our one-stop shop.

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AED Program Managment Plans

The Gold Plan

Designed to help you maintain accountability of your AEDs, receive medical prescriptions to your AEDs, and Tracks Expiration dates to keep you Event Ready

The Platinum Plan

the best option for you to have all of the following features but do not want to have the consumables included in your service plan.

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Included in your basic service are the following:

    •  AED Rx,
    • Mobile App,
    • Automated Tracking & Expiration Reminders,
    • EMS Registration,
    • AED Program Design,
    • Medical Direction & Physician Review of Events,
    • Loaner AEDs as Needed,
    • FDA Recall Monitoring,
    • Access to AED Law Center,
    • Standard & Custom Report Options

The Pinnacle Plan

A comprehensive hands-off approach as including of all the great features in the Platinum Plan you also will have a qualified Miami First Aid Technician…

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come to your location and visibly inspect you AED and any expired consumables are replaced at no extra cost.

Included in your basic service are the following:

    • Professional Medical Responders with real world experience will come to your location and inspect your equipment and ensure they are “Event Ready”,
    • All employees of Miami First Aid are all background checked and finger printed for your safety.
    • Replace any and all equipment that is used in a true emergency at no additional cost. (Electrodes, Batteries, Ready Kits and the items within it),
    • Miami First Aid will maintain all necessary records and provide required service and upgrades to the AED as needed,
    • 24 hour service advisor and customer service.  365 days a year, 24 hours a day if you have a problem you call us and we’ll resolve your issue,
    • A Miami First Aid Account representative will respond to your location within 48 hours of the notification of the “Trouble” (Red Light on AED) at no extra charge and return the unit to “Event Ready Status.”,
    • AED Loaner unit.  In the event that your AED issue is unable to return to “Event Ready” status during our visit, we will leave you a loaner AED at no additional cost while we take your machine and attempt to have the machine serviced through the factory service technician and customer service,
    • Discounted pricing if you purchase your AED from Miami First Aid.
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