Eye wash services

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Safety Eyewash Station

    • Eyewash stations are one of the most overlooked components of a safety program. Often they go months or even years without proper service. When disaster strikes, this can often cause more harm than good. Our start-to-finish eyewash service will help you stay prepared to respond.
    • Our eyewash service includes monthly visual inspections and quarterly flushes. Depending on the type of station and your environment, your requirements may change. Our inspections help your business meet the relevant ANSI/OSHA and manufacture standards for service
Miami First Aid Eye Wash Service 

How The Service Works

    • ANSI/ISEA, generally, provides the guidance for eyewash station unit and service requirements. Depending on the type of unit and the manufacturer’s instructions, service requirements can vary widely. Some types require weekly service, while others may require quarterly or monthly service.
    • Onsite assessment: determine the hazards and number of stations needed
    • Product selection: choose the type of station that fits best
    • Monthly service: inspect expiration dates, clean stations, flush or replenish eyewash station water, add antimicrobial solution when needed
    • Documentation: written and digital service documentation
    • Invoicing: Multiple payment and billing options
    • Ongoing support: Customer service and account access
    • Regulatory

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